Thursday, April 25, 2013

Insiders Guide to the BDSM Community

BDSM is by far the most complex and therefore requires a deeper level of consideration & discussion. So with that in mind, I would ask, what does it mean to submit to another?
When you close your eyes and the fantasy takes center stage, what comes to mind?
There is a very fine fabric made into a body suit, and when worn it feels as though you are completely naked wearing nothing at all. Imagine being led out to spend countless hours in public with the feeling of being so totally exposed. Imagine being in a crowded club while your body brushes against so many others, as if each was pressing against your bare skin. Imagine your partner watching, knowing that your uncomfortable excitement brings them absolute delight.
- To some, this is an act of submission.
Imagine perhaps being shaved bare, and then asked to go out in a very short skirt, but also made to wear no underwear of any type; to be felt & caressed when no one would look and see. Imagine going to a fine restaurant and just before you enter your partner has you wear a g-string that fits snug to your body. Enmeshed in your garment is a very quiet but fairly powerful vibrator. As each course is brought, you discuss the evening’s plans and the erotic scene that awaits you. During each moment your partner holds a remote that engages the vibrator you’re wearing. In the middle of a restaurant during a wonderful dinner, deep and firm pulsations send shivers of want and desire throughout your body. How erotic would all this make you feel?  How much of a woman in the fullness of her sexual power would this make you become?
Perhaps you then go to a high end strip club where your partner has arranged for you to “audition” and are required to dance completely nude before everyone (all staring with eyes of lustful desire), he or she most of all…
- To some, this is to submit oneself fully.
Imagine being blind folded and tied, then made to spread fully. You must be made to understand what it is to truly give yourself to another. First the feel of a light feather caresses the whole of your body. Slowly, gently, with wisps of little kisses on your most sensitive areas. You grow eager with anticipation as hands then gently caress over your skin. But soon a firm hand spanks down upon you. You then feel a firm slap on your thighs and again on your hind. In time you grow red and begin to squirm. Soon the bite of a flogger whips across your back and then again and again upon your ass. You jump with each lash, but then sweet hands gently massage the pain away. Again a slap but this time a gentle touch begins to explore the sensitivity of your thighs. You grow hot and soon feel as if you may cum. But then it all stops and you are left wanting – holding a deep yet unsatisfied desire for more. As you are then untied, you are placed in a chair as the blindfold is taken off. Only then do you realize another couple had been watching all along. They are asked to have sex for both of you to watch, and as your voyeuristic desires are given great enticement you are then made to masturbate, but again you are not allowed to cum. In time, while you and your partner both look on, the couple convulse in an erotic dance of desire fulfilled. You feel your body wanting and soon are explored by your own partner until it becomes just too much. Keeping you on the verge of orgasm you start to beg for more; you promise to be good and never hold any part of yourself back if only you would be allowed to finally explode. “Yes” is heard, and with all eyes upon you the screaming desire allows you to explode harder than ever before…
- To many, this would be an act of true submission.
In essence, the act of D&S is to simply give oneself over to the desires held by another. But in truth, anyone can wield a whip or spank their partner. An artful tease can bring deep pulsations of lustful desire to every nerve you carry. And yet, so many focus only on the physical. But in reality, the most erogenous zone of the body is truly the mind.
All too often it seems as though few really hold an understanding to really explore this realm of desire to its full extent – to thus explore one’s deeper sense of erotic passion & fantasy. And yet, to do so is to not only explore desire, but also one’s self as well…

Friday, May 11, 2012

Dating in the BDSM Community

After years of being in the BDSM community in Toronto, one thing become clear. Everyone likes to be known in some form. Some go the route of joining social media sites and posting pictures of themselves in fetish gear for shock value to friends, others lurk and hide behind online personas.

With each passing year it seems the same mindset keeps infecting the lifestyle like a virus. Its become not about the lifestyle, but a circus of who can stand out the most, while preaching they know the best ways of doing things and name drop every chance they get. These online forums become a haven for this behaviour and its become acceptable and it shouldn't. I recently ran into an old friend I use to hang out with at Hybrid and Velvet Underground. He was walking with his new submissive on route to a Subspace event, case of toys in tow. He moonlights as a webmaster and I asked him why he even bothered with the events anymore. As we stood there we say the usual cliche characters walking in the front door of the Great Hall all doe eyed and flaunting.

He told me it was no longer about the community. He went with his new lady friend because they could "play loud" in the dungeon there. The have 5 children and being able to have "playtime" was few and far between. Turns out he met his new lady friend on plentyoffish. I nearly died laughing when he said it. I laughed because he basically runs one of the largest dating sites for the GTA. I asked him why he wasn't looking on fetlife, he said it was almost impossible. Profile weren't really searchable. You basically had to stalk someone to get to know them. This made me question him as to why he didn't take the dating site and add in the kink side. He laughed and said he was thinking about it. We shot the shit for awhile and then we bid farewell.

About a month later I was at a munch in Oshawa and I saw him again. BDSM gear in tow he walked up to me with a smile and smacked my arm. He said he'd finally put together a BDSM dating site and community for those into fetish. He had just launched it. I browsed it a bit and it being a startup it was a bit sparse, but the idea was there. The url is It really is a BDSM and fetish oriented dating site with forums open for discussions you'd see on any standard vbulletin based fetish forum. Profiles are searchable, customizable and VERY specific. He really did his homework into what people want in a fetish site. I'm really hoping it takes off.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

A new site has been added for the BDSM community.

Its labelled as a BDSM Fetish community thats free for all users. It also has close ties to Ozone Night Club in Mississauga. A swingers hangout.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Is Jezabelle naughty?

Oh I really fucking hope so. She looks the part, that's for sure. Clear high heels, tiny tits, raven hair and a glorious wet pink pussy goes far in appeasing my appetite. She wastes absolutely no time at all giving head to her silver dildo and then plunging it into her soft creamy center. Gothic sex goddess extraordinaire.

Naught Jezabelle gothic diva

Latex & Fetish loving blonde milf

Carly is a closet fetish lover. This blonde milf looks kick ass in red latex. Slowly stripping down and teasing with every pose, she slowly reveals her shaved pussy and it looks good enough to eat. Whomever goes home to this sub is one lucky person.


Blonde in red latex

Red fishnets and Gothic chicks

Gothic sex goddess' are few and far between. Scar is one of those chicks who makes every mans head spin (many ladies too). Red fishnet thigh highs, a shaved wet pussy and a gothic style bedroom. I'm sold. A fetish Queen for sure.


Gothic red fishnets babe

Stripping Goth in Cemetery

Dana is one kinky bitch. A Gothic Slut to the extreme. Stripping down in a cemetery, this goth, wearing quite the cute little 50's style kilt shows her glistening pussy for all the dead to see. She even plants her sweet, tight little nude ass on Johnny Ramones gravestone in this set. Gotta fucking love it. Cheers.

Striping Goth Fetish